You Can’t Stop the Music

Have you noticed with some films, no matter how uninterested you are in the story or the characters, if it has the right music, and a good soundtrack, you will be humming the tune in the shower, pub, or, God forbid, at the local Karaoke pit-stop? Take for instance, The Wizard of Oz and The … Continue reading You Can’t Stop the Music

When Talent Isn’t Enough

TO TRAIN OR NOT TO TRAIN? THAT IS THE QUESTION For the past week, I have been having several interesting conversations about creative artists with some friends who asked the question 'is formal education needed to become a creative artist?' While my initial, knee-jerk reaction was to say, absolutely not, I think it is important … Continue reading When Talent Isn’t Enough

What Would Debbie Allen Do?

Every time I watched Fame and heard Debbie Allen encouragingly tell her pupils, week after week, "You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying ... in sweat." My first thought was - mind your friggin' business! a) I don't want fame, and b) only the morbidly obese sweat.' I … Continue reading What Would Debbie Allen Do?

How Grindr Changed My Life

FACEBOOK (verb and noun): Facebooking (present), Facebooked (past), Facebooker (noun) TWITTER (verb and noun): Tweeting (present), Tweeted (past), Twatter (noun) As most of you well know, I’m a huge fan (some would say obsessed) of Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow me to keep in touch with both my disparate group of friends in London, … Continue reading How Grindr Changed My Life