My Last Breath

cropped-Allencropped-1.jpgMy last breath will be poetic justice,
With poetry, I plan, finishing me off.
I will inhale all the letters you wrote me, exhaling them into words.

My last breath will be dramatic,
As dramatic as any Shakespearean play.
I will give new meanings to new words, created just for you.

My last breath will be music.
Each note wholed, halved and quartered. Then semi-toned.
Sung on the A’s, the E’s, and the I, O, U’s.

My last breath will be a dance.
Not a dance of death, nor the Foxtrot, the Boogaloo, or the Running Man.
You will be held in my arms, ever-so tightly,
In a waltz.

My last breath will be with you,
holding me tight, saying words, singing songs.
Embraced, in a kiss.

My last breath, my love,
will be spent with you.